Can you tolerate delay in anything you do? Be it work, personal ke hape. Me? Definitely not. Kerana saya adalah seorang yang bukan penyabar. Kalau boleh, I want everything that I do or apa yang I deal with akan settle just on time, if not earlier. Macam bagus kan aku ni. But I need to live with it, and MNI jugak. Kehkehke.

Dah lari tajuk sebenanye nih. That is not the subject I want to babble about. Actually, thing that membuat hati ni tetendang-tendang tak sabar, and macam nak pecah is sebab since i miscarried, i havent got my menstrual cycle back. Gilo ke apa, dah alomost 7 weeks already. The theory is, u must be on the crimson wave to get ovulated, then only u can conceive. Got it? So how on earth could we try if i havent got the cycle yet. Ohhooo but doctor advised to wait until 3 cycles, ini 1 cycle pun tak dapat2 lagi, ape kes?

So as usual, the-worried erin surf sana dan surf sini. Tak tido malam oke wa asyik fikir benda ini. Well, to be frank the first pregnancy itu was actually not in the plan. It was like, we didn’t even try and aku nak melompat-lompat join KKP dulu this year. And I plan to get preggie bila balik KL sebab takyah ulang-alik Miri KL kalau preggie.   Tapi dah dapat rezeki awal tu, kami sangat bersyukur. Once I lost it, baru lah ku rasa betapa kesedihannye hati and i think i am sangat sangat ready to be a mommyy 😀

Here are some stuffs on getting recovered after a miscarriage.

The normal recovery goes like this : Your bleeding will taper off to spotting within a week, and maybe random spotting will continue for another week. Your hCG drops steadily, usually hitting zero during the end of the spotting, or about 10 days after the miscarriage or D&C. Body attempts to regulate its hormones again. It may kick into gear right away, and you will get a new period in four to five weeks, or it may struggle a bit, and the period will not come for seven weeks.

A less common, but still normal, recovery goes like this: Your bleeding tapers off quickly, but with some spotting. You think it is over. Perhaps a week or even two will pass, and you begin to wait for your period. Then suddenly, it begins again. Strong cramping, heavy bleeding, and pain. You cannot expect a normal period any sooner than four weeks from this, and up to seven weeks could still be normal. Your total wait time from original miscarriage to first period can creep up to nine or ten weeks and still be normal.

A recovery that should be monitored looks like this: The main bleeding seems to have ended, and you are spotting. And spotting, and spotting. Three weeks pass and you are still wearing panty liners. (You call your doctor, and they said give it another week.) Spotting ends. You are relieved. A few days later it begins again. You are crushed. Sometimes you get slightly heavier bleeding. You hope it is your period, then read that you have to have NO bleeding for almost three weeks first. You are crushed again. Your ordeal seems like it will never end. In this case, you should go in for an hCG blood test.

A cycle that indicates a serious problem looks like this: The bleeding tapered off, but then got heavy again. You are going through several pads a day. After two weeks of this, you call the doctor. They tell you to see what happens. You may get a little reprieve of no bleeding or just spotting, then it begins again, as heavy as ever. You call and insist on being seen. You are feeling exhausted from the constant loss of blood and the sad ordeal just going on and on. You seriously need to do a detail check up with your doctor.

Begitulah kekdahnya. After i read all these facts, barulah ku lega sikit.. Which means it’s normal NOT to get ur period untill 4-7 weeks. Because the HcG level needs to be less than 5 for the body to read that : ooh this fella isn’t preggie anymore. Then barulah boleh period.

Dan to the ultimate tahap kesabaran aku yang dah tak terjangkau, wa asyik murung je ok, and nak marah je keje aku… Semalam apabila sedang stress buat kerja memandangkan hari ini adalah FInal presentation project aku (yang hari tu tak endorse tu kannn), tiba-tiba semacam aku ni tak selesa.. And apabila checkkk, yessss im riding the crimson tide ! After 7 weeks of miscarriage, so aku termasuk di golongan normal recovery lah i guess. But seresly aku dah hilang sabar tunggu P day ni oke! Nasib baik dia datang juga 🙂

And lepas ni, lets see how we gonna go with it. I think its more fun if we dont work for IT, i mean WORK like WORK. Camne nak cakap heh? Memanglah berusaha, but takdela sampai menganggap ooohh harus harus bekerja keras gigih membanting tulang untuk itu. Harap2 da lah rezeki kan 🙂

Okeh. Im typing this from Mandarion Oriental. Hehee this is my last business trip while Im in the Kompeni Kuning project. Might as well aku gi try suma hotel kann?Kehekhe. Weh perasan tak i kata LAST trip, ooo sebab project wa dah endorsed !!!!! Pagi tadi present dalam keadaan separa sedar, (sebab malam tadi gado ngan MNI, pastu tak dapat tido sampai dia pujuk aku baru boleh tido..kahkahka) , tapi nasiblah baik everything went well.. Ohho project ku, i love u.

Jom gi makan ikan bakar blknag Celcom. Tata ~