How much did we spend in Hangzhou and Shanghai? Hmm good one . Actually, kalau diikutkan basic expenses like flight ticket, hotel, etc.., its damn cheap ! Reason? I am a good planner ! Wink wink. Bukan aku iktiraf diri sendiri, but MNI did.

Flight: RM 1500 return ticket to Hangzho for 2 pax. We booked these tixs hrmm like 6 months ahead. Kan sudah kukatakan, aku patut tukar keja jadik planner.

Hotel: Again, we save on this because MNI is a Starwood Prefered Guest Gold member. So he has so much benefits from that which includes hotel redemption. We didnt spend even a buck on accomodation. Kalau you want to have a rough estimation on the hotel, its around RM420 per night for Deluxe King room. We spent 2 nights in Hangzou, and 2 nights in Shanghai. So total up to RM1680 which we got it for free! Ngehehe.

Tourist Guide: Initially, we wanted to gamble pegi and survive sendiri. But last minute thoughts, we were like ..ohh we didnt want to spend hours to find our way to the hotel, or nak cakap makan ikan pun kena bukak dictionary bagai.. Which is a waste of time and energy. So we decided to hire a tourist guide. It costs us RM1250 per pax. So total RM2500. That includes transportation, food (lunch and dinner), entrance fees to all tempat2 yang memerlukan tiket masuk, and basically everything lah. Except shopping of course. Itu da masuk cita lain daa.

Food: We mainly spent for breakfast only. Because lunch and dinner was included in tour package. Oh we requested for islamic package, so suma makanan adalah di restoran halal. Makan2 junk food which costs us dalam RM100 je kot.

Shopping : This is tak terjangkau dek akal fikiran lah. I wouldn’t have thought we gonna spend a lot. Because remenber, kitorang kan nak mushy-mushy je, bukan nak shopping sangat pon! But it turned out a total bengkok on our credit cards. Hooho. We shopped pearls, jades, silk (ohh duvet utk tumah baru nanti diperbuat from 100% pure silk ok. haaa suka!), ubat-ubatan cina which costs us RM1600.. mengong kan beli ubat mahal camtu,green tea yang harganya RM300 per 500gm, I got this high end of platinum set of necklace, bracelet, earings and ring with special red ruby..ohhhoo aku meroyan bila beli set ni ok, lagi apee ntah shopping eh. Baju-bajan souvenir bagai tu takyah cakap la kan. Memang penuh luggage lah kesimpulannya. Total shopping lebih RMxxx. Tak perlu dinyatakan di sini. Damn pastu kami cam, ehh why did we buy this and that, eh why not we just beli sikit je yada yada yada. Masing2 tried to find excuses la konon. Hehe. But puas hati because we got lots of things for our new house. So ala-ala oriental la concept dia nanti 🙂

Camera: Our camera rosak masa kat sana. Because of the weather yang terlalu sejuk kot. Ni hypothesis kami lah. Hoho. So bought a new cheap one yang reganya tak brapa nak ingat. Dalam RM800 kot. Sengal. Baik duit tu aku buat shopping lagi kan. Darn.

Maka total cost ke Hangzhou and Shanghai dalam RM 6580 . Ini tidak termasuk shopping ye. Ok lah tu kan, if aku tarik MNI gi Europe, kang kena spend RM20,000 la plak kan. Hiks.

Ok. Off to Lambir. Nak bawak mama suma gi mandi air tejun. Have a good weekend!