Recap of 2009. To me it was a great beginning and a blast end ! Whee 😀

January :  Got enganged on 01.01.09 / Went through 2nd assesment. Ok that suxs because my results seperti org yang tak pernah bekerja /

February :  Still in fairy-tales-feeling-oh-aku-tunangan-org. Hiks 😉

March : Completed my 08/09 project. It was a rush because I really wanted to get off KL office as soon as possible. Lala~

April : Started new life in Miri. Closer to En MNI. I like 😀

May : Busy gilak with new project.

June : Vacation to Bandung & Jakarta/ Amik kad kawen and etc.

July : Ntah. Kehidupan yang sgt routine. Iya hidup aku bosan.

August: Pun sama

September: Cuti raya yang agak lama / Started busy with wedd preparation / Started and planned our business.

October: Hidup utk kerja. Kerja utk hidup.

November: Bulan terakhir sebagai anak dara sunti. Wakaka / Vacation to Singapore.

Disember: Our shop was officially opened/ Got married / Honeymoon / Kerja yang agak merelaxkan minda because office kosong . Semua org tgh cuti. Yeay!

ALhamdulillah for all the good ones. Yang tidak brapa nak best tu, biarlah aku simpan sendiri and try to improve okeh!

How about new resolutions? Let me keep it myself.If you see Im improving myself to a better person, that means resolutions ku sedang diimplement and ada kesan baik kepada hati batu aku ini. Nobody wants to be worse right?

Past sentence:  Going back to KL tonight. Whee. Happy New Year y’all 😀

Past sentence 2 : Bengang tak if kau berterus terang on how you feel, and someone else said ‘im tired with this remeh-temeh’ thing. Like, fine,baik tak payah terus terang kan. Whatever.