Waheeda, tak jadik lah pakai layout tu. This one pun OK.Heehe


Im sorry sebab terpaksa menggunakan the same layout as yours. Trust me, I have valid reasons. Hehe 🙂

  •  I need to activate another page for our wedding website link. (Please refer to ‘wedding website’ tab )
  • I tried few others layout with activate page option, and this seems to suit me best. Simple & tak serabut.
  • Blame the wordpress for having very few layout options!

After all, we are bloggers..So takpekan share sama-sama. Hihi 🙂


Past sentence: Wedding website sudah kantoi dgn En MNI semalam. baru niat di hati nak surprise kan dia. Tapi dia godek2 my laptop, and dah jumpa dah. So i officially put in on my blog for other readers (kalau ade lah ;p) and of course for our own memory 😀