Hoh this evening I was a bit tempered with my frens (whom I mentioned always made my day in my previous entry, tapi semua ala-ala devil ok! Besabar je lah aku). Why? Because they claimed I gain so much weight  and they mocked me on my skirt . And I felt like setanlah korang, nak sumpit diorang satu per satu. Cakap aku gemuk sudah lah, tak perlu lah pusing-pusing keliling aku kan. Sengal!

Yes I gain weight. I realised that. I’d stopped gym for about a month and mmg gila lah pasti weighing scale itu meningkat. Setan lah. Why there are people who do not have to workout to maintain their figure? Uuiks I envy ok! They don’t even bother on calories, fried food or having meals at 11pm.Aaahh geram.

Apa-apa pun ye Rap, Gundat dan Don, aku gemuk ke apa ke, I always curious jangan sampai aku nampak macam fashion victim. Man,that is even worse. No, stylish I am not.  But at least aku tak pakai skirt bunga-bunga match with top belang-belang. Or pants belang-belang with top belang-belang juga. Atau skirt hijau terang with striking pink top! Hoho nightmare ok! Seperti ini? What say you?

Hoh aku hari-hari pergi kerja, selalu jugak observe org. I like looking at people who are well-dressed. They look so elegant and sophisticated! And I tell you what, ada jugak weyh org pakai skirt bunga with stripes top kat tower itu. Hah u imagine lah?

Btw, yes I am fat but I can diet. I take your words as motivation ok Rap!Sengal lah kau.Huuu. And people around me, please help me to shed off these extra kgs. Silalah:

  • halang aku makan kerepek
  • halang aku makan pau kacang
  • halang aku makan rotiboy and butterscotch gardenia.
  • halang aku minum milo sampai 5 kali sehari
  • halang aku minum susu pekat manis spt teh tarik, nescafe tarik atau neslo.
  • halang aku daripada dinner selepas pukul 830pm.
  • motivate me to kembali ke gym at least thrice a week (yesss I’ll start again in April. I miss running on the treadmill)

My target is to fit in my size 6 jeans and all my size 4 tops before our wedding. Help me ok! I cant do it alone.

And oh, I just did this quiz sebab aku bosan. Haha. I am not stylish, no I am not in stlye. The results tell me this:

Laaalalalal~  :p

Here are some tips. Take it or leave it.

  • Never wear more than 2 trends together
  • Accessorize your outfit in a new way
  • Wear colors that look great on you. Not sure what those are? Grab a trusted friend and head to the mall. Hold up tons of colors next to your face and get feedback from your friend
  • Never wear your sunglasses indoor
  • Remember that celebrities often overdo trends for maximum photo impact- they may not translate well for you on a day-to-day basis.

Sudah. Sampai esok tak habes kang. Btw, aku tinggal 7 helai sepinggang sahaja baju-bajan. Yang lain suma sudah dihantar ke Miri. Memang serabai gila aku rasa this week. Hoh.