…reading this.

Quite an interesting book I would say. But it may hurts so many hearts.

The reason aku melayan buku ni ialah sebab the movie is coming soon! And casting Ben Affleck oke.Aaaww~ And also Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.

Knapa lah takde orang nak buat buku ‘SHE’s just not that into you” ? Apa ingat hanya lelaki saja yang dump perempuankah? Eh nowadays, women could be super dasyat compared to men oke.

Well, if the book exists, i bet hanya beberapa copies saja yang terjual. Because men do not process heartbreak by reading books or get motivation from others. It’s just not their way to handle a broke up.

Suggestion from the authors; Greg & Liz: (by the way, they advise these to singles. Habes kalau sudah married ke ape ke bagemanalah pula kan? Ehhe).


  • go out with a man who hasn’t asked you out first
  • go out with a man who keeps you waiting by the phone
  • date a man who isn’t sure he wants to date you
  • date a man who makes you feel sexually undesirable
  • date a man who drinks or does drugs
  • be with a man who is afraid to talk about marriage and future
  • spend your precious time; under any circumstances with a man who had already rejected you
  • date a man who is married
  • be with a man who is not a clearly good, kind, loving person.

These author say, if you are dating someone who is one of the above, then it’s time to say goodbye. And don’t worry. There’s a guy out there who’s really into you.

Past sentence: I just got back from hometown. Super penat, but get to see En MNI in few hours.Lalala~